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thats how we were raised

i rule you,


name:jonathan a murphy
location:long island, ny
status (if taken, we want a picture): single

ten bands: the mars volta, !!!, bear vs. shark, mark kozelek, converge, the one am radio, sebadoh, the stills, interpol, radiohead
five books: choke, fight club, star wars novels, invisible monsters, perks of being a wallflower
five movies:eternal sunshine, ace ventura, pi, fight club, anchorman
lyric you like & why: "i've been downhearted baby, ever since the day we met." ~Primitive Radio Gods. because the way the sampled this is awesome.

why you are applying & why you believe we will say yes:because i needed something to show how i'm better than other people.
make us laugh: jason sho green is funny.
what do you think of the modz:high class individuals.
share something interesting about yourself:i draw stuff. LINK
describe yourself in seven words: arrogant, sarcastic, cuddly, rough, creative, lucious, keen

two places you promoted (we will check): pff, btchplz.
photos (more than 2 less than 7. if you don't know how to resize them, learn.):

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