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Here we fucking go.

name: Ashley.
age: 19
gender: Im the proud owner of a vagina.
location: stinking hell pit, Ky.
status (if taken, we want a picture): single. Image hosted by

ten bands: My bands are not "cool" or "new" but i like them just the same. *Yeah Yeah Yeahs, *Bright Eyes, *Modest Mouse, *The Faint, *Puffy Amiyumi, *Smashing Pumpkins, *HIM , *Mindless Self Indulgance, *Vivaldi, *Ravi Shankar
five books: *Einsteins Dreams, *Invisible Monsters, *Faherenheit 451, *Abarat,*Survivor
five movies: *Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, *Clerks, *Battle Royale, *Monty Python and The Holy Grail
lyric you like & why:

"Don't hold on
Go get strong
Well, don't you know
That there is no
Modern romance"
-yeah yeah yeahs, modern romance

why you are applying & why you believe we will say yes: Im applying because Tim told me to. I think you will say yes cause I am teh coolest?
make us laugh: "I have a sailboat and a kite. When its windy outside, I have to make a decision."
what do you think of the modz: I totally know 2/3 of the mods. Brian and Tim, they make me proud.
share something interesting about yourself: I was tragically born without a personality.
describe yourself in seven words: *nostalgic, *obnoxious, *foward, *artistic, *confused, *indeciscive, *loud

two places you promoted (we will check):
on my journal:
and on my icon community.:

photos (more than 2 less than 7. if you don't know how to resize them, learn.):
i totally only have two for now, because im not on my computer because it died.
Image hosted by

Image hosted by
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