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name: danny lynn miracle.
age: 18
location: middlesboro, ky
status: single.
ten bands: the blood brothers, the arcade fire, planes mistaken for stars, dillenger escape plan, the bronx, thrice, an albatross, alexisonfire, boys night out, belle and sebastian

five books: diary and invisible monsters , einsteins dreams , catcher in the rye, "snobbery" the american version.

five movies: american psycho, party monster, anchorman, requiem for a dream, valley girl

lyric you like & why:"I don't care how things were I wont apologize. Fuck you. the Alamo has been penetrated and there is little hope for the white man so hop on your rainbow and ride it into oblivion."
WHY! Well because at one point i was a complete ass to this one rad chick i met who actually cared enough to give me attention and then something happened and the spaniards drove through my "blockade" of love and now that rad girl has completely changed into something i despise. My only alternative is to hop on this rainbow ride into void, thus leaving me alone...atleast for now. kthnxbye.

why you are applying & why you believe we will say yes: because jesus loves leaving me out in the cold. freezeusjesus is the perfect community for me. you'll accept me because you know my windmill is too hxc for the ky scene. and oh, i'm the balls.

do you like the mods:totally rad people.

share something interesting about yourself: my penis is over 9 inches long. and i'm fat. this is an amazing feat.

descirbe yourself in seven words: outgoing, spontaneous, uptight, talented, bright, tenacious, trippindicular.

two places i promoted: my own journal, electroclash.

Eh dont have any pictures you guys know what i look like.
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