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I probably don't have any business joining/watching/ or posting in this community, but due to the subsequent boredom that comes from being unemployed I feel that it's ok to engage in communication/interaction with other lj users. So, here goes my application:

Name: Robert Winston Gaines II
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Location: Harlan, Kentucky
Status: Loose Dating Based Relationship
Ten Bands: The Doors, The Pixies, Co&Ca, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Smashing Pumpkins, Weezer , Bright Eyes, Straylight Run, & Incubus.
Five Books: Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind - Shunryu Suzuki, On The Road - Jack Kerouac, Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad, Jean Paul Satre - Being and Nothingness, J.D. Salinger - Nine Stories
Five Movies: A.I. , Pulp Fiction, I Heart Huckabees , Every Which Way But Loose, Enter The Dragon.
Lyric you like & Why: " I know it's not PC, but sometimes, you have to put the smack-down on a ho..." - Incubus, Calgone ... Why? - It's purely "out there" , and it's not the sort of thing that anyone, who knows me, could ever imagine me saying or mulling over in my mind.
Why you are applying & why you believe we will say yes: Boredom, and a lack of some large social network ; I'm beginning to doubt that you all, whoever decides this sort of thing, will say "yes", because I've gotten anxious thinking up some of these answers, and the anxiety has shrouded any thread of me which might be considered interesting...I'm not "scene" nor am I affiliated with any kind of social genre.
Do you like the modz?: I'm pretty, almost definitely sure, that I do.
Share something interesting about yourself: I'm a pretty direct descendant of the Tudor family from Ole England.
Descirbe yourself in seven words: Quiet, confused, meditative, able, benevolent, indifferent, & humble.
2 places where I'll promote this community: I'd say I'll post a link or so in the beat_words and az_tea communities.

(I have this overhwelming feeling that I've just made an ass out of myself)
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