Bulletproof Resolve (maniac_7) wrote in freezeusjesus,
Bulletproof Resolve


name:William Eric Moore



location:Morehead State University

status: single by default

ten bands: The Who, Avenged Sevenfold, Lil Jon & the East Side Boys, Kenny Wayne Shepard, Damage Plan, Pantera, Audio Slave, Pink Floyd, White/Rob Zombie

five books: Excel/Access 2003 cookbook, Hunt for Red Oktober, Star Trek DS9 set, Star Wars Bounty Hunters set, Sociology of Deviant Behavior

five movies: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Clerks, Vanishing Point, Resident Evil I, Harvey Birdman Season 1 box set

lyric you like & why: “on blind faith they place reliance, what we need more of is science”-Because Stephen Hawking is dope and fundamentalists suck.

why you are applying & why you believe we will say yes: because Commandant Ashly told me so on messenger

make us laugh: i concieved a child in the picture with all the mods in it on the profile page

what do you think of the modz: ashlEy is cool i dont know anyone else

share something interesting about yourself: I used to eat a lot of dog food … when I was younger … *shifts eyes*

describe yourself in seven words: Loud, Outgoing, Funny, Old, Smart, Cunning, Father

two places you promoted (we will check):

my journal…I guess I suck cause I don’t know where else to

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